Scrapbook Page for Richard Emanuel "Guy" Turpin Sr.

E H Kinney, Guy Turpin and Thomas Jefferson Turpin

The Grandfathers!

Young Guy Turpin - Teen picture

Member of Boy's City Shot by Companion

Guy Turpin, son of Charles Turpin....

Circa 1900

Guy Turpin as a child

1900 US Census Records, Columbus, Indiana picture

Circa 1914

Lt. Guy Turpin and Mother Claire Ellen Kinney Turpin in San Antonio, Texas.

20 Sep 1918 Franbklin, Indiana Evening Star

Guy E. Turpin, a former Franklin boy, has been commissioned second lieutenant in the U.S. cavalry and is stationed at Camp Stanley, Texas. Lieut. Turpin is a grandson of Mrs. Thomas Turpin of this city.

Guy Turpin Draft Card

Draft Card

House Turpin's Lived in Circa 1918 picture

2nd Lieutenant Richard Emmanuel "Guy" Turpin

Circa 1913

Guy and his pet

Guy Turpin with a lion cub

Marriage License Cameron County, Texas

Richard E. Turpin and Alicia Colsa Petitpain

Cameron County Marriage Record Guy Turpin and Alicia Colsa picture

Guy Turpin and Alicia (Colsa) Turpin Circa 1919 picture

Guy Turpin and Alicia (Colsa) Turpin in front of house on Schley circa 1920 picture

Guy Turpin and wife Alica Colsa

Circa 1914

1815 Schley Avenue, San Antonio, Texas circa 1928 picture

1815 Schley Avenue Current (2012) picture

Laredo Weekly Times, 2 November 1919 Guy Turpin Promoter picture

US Army Discharge Papers (side One) picture

US Army Discharge Papers (side two) picture

Promotion Papers to Corporal picture

Promotion Papers - Sergeant picture

Guy Turpin and Alicia Turpin Circa 1928 picture

Colorado Springs Directory picture

1930 US Census Records Franklin, Indiana picture

Guy Turpin, Alicia Turpin, Richard Turpin and baby Renee Turpin picture

23 Oct 1937 Bexar County Sheriff's Office Deputation of Guy Turpin picture


Lapel Badge worn by Guy Turpin

Bexar County Sheriff Will Wood

Deputity Sheriff R.E. "Guy" Turpin was commissioned by Sheriff Will Wood.

Drawing by Guy Turpin

A drawing by Guy Turpin

San Antonio Express November 20, 1931

BURGLAR TRAPPED SMASHES WINDOW: Article about Guy Turpin (Night Watchman) - Bexar County Deputy Sheriff.

Beacon Hill Pharmacy

Location where Guy shot at burglar in 1931.

World War II Draft Registration Card

Richard Emmanuel "Guy" Turpin - WWII Draft Registration Card showing 306 Locust, San Antonio, Texas.

Cameron County Court hous Divorce decree picture

Newspaper Account Divorce picture

Guy Turpin with his Mother Claire Ellen Kinney Turpin and Mom (Renee)

Great Grandmother Claire is holding baby Raul Marin

Guy Turpin with 2nd Wife, Lena Key (note: book lower left) picture

Indianapolis News 9 Aug 1907 picture

27 Dec 1943 - Twenty-Five years Ago

Lt. and Mrs. Guy Turpin arrived in Brownsville today from San Antonio. Lt. Turpin who has been post athletice officer at Fort Sam Houston, has recieved his honorable discharge.

Circa 1964

Guy Turpin promotes his new book "Forgotten Men of the Prize Ring"

1010 W. Grammercy

House Guy Turpin lived in until his death in 1966.

Forgotten Men of the Prize Ring

Book authored by Guy Turpin

Death Certificate Richard E. Turpin Sr. picture

Mission South Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas picture